Healing Our Life’s Journey

Enormous possibilities exist for healing and joy when we learn mindfulness and compassion for ourselves. Treating our bodies as our best friend and not a toxic canister is a sure pathway to being our own superpower in an important part of this journey we call life.

I thank you for stopping by and joining me and other like-minded people who wish to take control of and create their own destinies. So often, I have heard this expression, “You are the Creator of Your Own Destiny.” One day, I stopped and really examined that phrase and realized the enormous potential and power we have right inside our own bodies and mind. Like a blank piece of paper, we can create a new beginning, change the course of the path we are on, or fix and tweak the pieces of ourselves which need a little fine tuning.

The thought that I could actually create the life I want inspired me to delve into my own personal struggles and experiences to search for an end to mental, emotional and physical unhappiness.  It has led me to explore and examine my beliefs, thoughts , emotions, eating habits and health.  It woke up my sleeping brain and body to begin shaking myself up to become the Master of Me.

The moment of time standing still and the routine paths of daily life are now giving way to unexpected doors leading to a deeper, more profound level of myself.  The world is full of surprises and invitations to rise unexpectedly from a seemingly ordinary life to one filled with passion, love and joy.

I hope this blog will encourage and inspire all of you to take a look at the life you are living to see if it is really the life you have always wanted.  And, if not ~~ are you willing to face your fears? Knowing that others are fighting the same battles and reading how they are doing it, is like holding the hand of a friend,   A Penny Friend!

8 Responses to About The Penny Friends

  1. Connie Luis says:

    You have a gift Ginny. You help others by sharing your experiences. I love your new blog! Wishing you much success,

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  2. Peg says:

    Ginny – Congratulations! Great job with the Blog, it’s up and running smoothly. You go girl!

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  3. Gail says:

    Hi Ginny! You have a gift and I would love to participate in your gatherings. It was great to see you at the GCA reunion! Please keep me in mind when you have another meeting of “Penny Friends”, I would love to participate.
    I so related to your blog about when you lost your mom. I like the penny analogy…I am going to use it. Though my mom has been gone almost 10 years…I still miss her so much.

    Hope to see you soon! Love, Gail

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    • Ginny says:

      Hi Gail,
      Come and join us at one of our meetings. We would love to have you.
      I know no matter how many years someone has passed, you never get over it.
      Hope you are doing as best as can be expected since your brother’s passing.
      Why not write a story about it or in the comment section. Sharing your feelings by writing helps you and also other’s who are going through the same experience.
      Hope to see you soon, also.
      With much thanks for your comment………..

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  4. alice says:

    Congratulations Ginny and much good luck with your new venture here. I hope it brings joy and success.
    Alice G.

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    • Ginny says:

      Thanks for your support, Alice. It is always wonderful to have good friends backing you.
      You have always been there for me. I appreciate it.

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